Implementing SAP at Schüco with the support of Dialog GmbH

“Part of the Schüco IT strategy is the efficient reorganisation of the whole system landscape. To do so, all the business processes at the company headquarters and major branches will be illustrated with SAP. For smaller units Schüco will produce a small business solution (SBS). This also involves integrated and centrally developed software, which is adapted for each market. The SAP strategy focus is a European core solution (ECS), which is based on the company’s core processes. These include all the business units, supplemented by the national requirements of countries in which Schüco is represented, especially in the fields of marketing, logistics and accounting. This also applies to the SBS strategy but on a definitely less complex level. Implementation of the ECS is inextricably linked to our associate company, Dialog GmbH in Bielefeld. This is because Dialog takes over cost control with a handpicked team of consultants consisting of SAP, Intelligence, BDF and Avarto Systems staff. Dialog therefore supports you in planning and concept development, implements the solutions and provides support in your day-to-day business. Effective illustration of business processes and their large-scale standardisation have clear benefits: new processes and products are available for every unit simultaneously, while the business units in new markets can be incorporated rapidly and future business can be transacted quickly. The launch objectives at macro level are therefore higher transparency, increasing flexibility, growing process security and the aggregation of the business figures required. As a result, security and transparency are provided with rapid entry across the entire logistical chain, while distribution, billing and cost control are increasingly optimised. Dialog’s IT skills, processing and experience have contributed a great deal.”

Kurt Trautmann, CIO, Schüco