“For us, dividing a company into two as part of our restructuring was a major challenge. We only had eight weeks before the annual financial statement and for us as a meterological company and producer of heating and water measuring devices the end of the year is also the most active season, in which availability of merchandise has to be assured.

It was clear to us that we would need a consultant for this project, who does more than adopt the existing SAP solution for the newly established company. Especially as it now involved two completely different business models as well. Apart from the technical task of being able to use the SAP system with all its modules without interruption and to modify it at the same time, this project required tried and tested expertise with regard to operational, organisational and logistical processes.

As our exchange of goods was now affected by the split, we needed a consultant who knows the auditors’ requirements, will actively work with them as well as work closely with a whole number of external IT specialists and ensure smooth communication with them. Our confidence in Dialog has paid off. With ongoing interim project tests and regular constructive dialogue, we were aware of our risk at every stage. The result was a flawless annual financial statement on schedule and without loss of revenue due to the restructuring.”

Ralf Görner, managing director of Minol Messtechnik, Stuttgart