Management and coordination of the project to produce a solution based on SAP for global procurement of spare parts at Sonopress

“As a production business we manufacture our own machines ourselves for the most part and sell them worldwide within our corporate group. The goal of our current project is to set up a complete spare parts warehouse at our French site in Forbach. Procedures such as procuring and administering the spares are implemented centrally from Gütersloh. With the global alignment of our business, we don’t just have to resolve issues that affect the French plant but all Sonopress production facilities worldwide. For these very complex logistical procedures of centralised procurement of spares with decentralised allocation to individual production facilities, we are producing a SAP-based solution to exploit the synergies on offer.

Alongside this, we have plans to develop a catalogue, which will contain over 500 high quality machine parts, which we also distribute within our corporate group worldwide. We are thinking about providing this catalogue to our customers on the Internet so they can order spare parts directly. The order in Gütersloh will then result in an automatic customer order record and confirmation. In relation to this, one of our main tasks is first to set up internationally binding material master records as standard. Specifically, this means for our external consultancy requirements, we need support without protracted lead-in times that provides us immediately with professional knowledge of business process optimisation and practical experience in organisational development.

This combination in conjunction with SAP was a good argument in favour of Dialog. This is because the scope of the assignment includes, for example, implementing a concept for the best possible warehousing strategy, the adaptation of work procedures and the associated SAP chart. As such, we rely on a systemic work concept, which commits the purchasing department to customer needs in workshops, for example. At this point, with IT consulting social skills are also in demand, which have to bring together those involved with different viewpoints to embrace a common goal. It is vital that our own staff approve the external consultants and there is mutual confidence and respect. This is not least because we want to know that our young staff members, who will eventually take on these assignments will be in good hands.”

Manfred Schubert, project manager, Sonopress