SAP introduction as part of a pan-European link-up with the Spanish subsidiary of ZF Lemförder Fahrwerktechnik AG & CO. KG as an example

“Following the pan-European SAP link-up of our subsidiaries and plants, the Spanish firm ZF Ansa Lemförder S.L was the first for which the German SAP system was introduced completely with all modules. Normally we do not require any external consultants for projects like these. This time, however, when “Project Spain” had already been launched and the first two workshops were behind us, the administrator of the cost control module left unexpectedly. For us, this meant either hiring a new staff member, which would have meant several weeks of delay to the project due to the training period required. Or I would have to neglect my actual duties for six months and devote myself entirely to running the project.

In view of the urgency, we decided on a third alternative, which was for the external consultancy services of Dialog. We needed someone who is first of all familiar with company-internal procedures, is technically proficient and can explain themselves clearly when it comes to customising. Plus, they have to be capable of preparing and directing the monthly four-day workshops in a structured and methodologically sound manner for all modules. Dialog managed both with commitment and only a short time to prepare and from where we stand today with the considerable professional and personal approval of our staff.

A crucial factor for the success of the project was the consultants’ systemic way of working. Besides workshops, they also held meetings with German and Spanish staff from the other departments involved such as sales and marketing, materials management or production. This made it possible to configure the complete system properly. And where we would have internally tested maybe three transactions relevant to cost control, with Dialog more than ten integrative tests were conducted before the rollout. The consultants only considered the project complete when the system was running perfectly and Dialog had trained our new staff member who we had found in the meantime.”

Doris gr. Sextro-Riedel, cost control manager