SAP Consultancy

It does not matter whether you are looking for support for one or more SAP issues. In order for your project to succeed, Dialog works in a detailed and transparent way from clarifying the tasks and objectives onwards and gets your staff involved in preparing for the project.

At the start of a project it may make sense to coordinate who in the future team will take on which task. Acceptance of the project by its future users is one of the most important goals and applies from when the project starts. This saves on having to persuade others following the project rollout and unnecessary costs for the client. As such, the development of a status and target concept to understand and accomplish the project is just as relevant as the coverage rate analysis with a specific catalogue of measures.

At regular integrative workshops the teams find out what functions of individual modules the subsequent users will need within their task environment. The target concept is formulated based on a discussion of technical issues. This results in an ideal level of customisation and friction loss, where information providers interactions are minimised.

During the training sessions your staff will be prepared in order to deal with SAP and they jointly develop a plan as to how they can use the individual modules efficiently in their work. Before the project rolls out, the result is tested against hands-on business case studies that cover all the modules.

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