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“Dialog in the European core solution is a fixed entity and a major partner for Schüco…“

Kurt Trautmann, CIO, Schüco


“Our confidence in Dialog has paid off. The result was a flawless annual financial statement on-schedule without loss of revenue due to the restructuring…“

Ralf Görner, managing director of Minol Messtechnik


“With IT consulting social skills are also in demand. Those involved with various viewpoints have to be brought together to embrace a common goal. It is vital that your own staff approve the external consultants and there is mutual confidence and respect. This combination in conjunction with SAP was a good argument in favour of Dialog …“

Manfred Schubert, project manager, Sonopress


“We required a consulting firm that is first of all familiar with company-internal procedures, is technically proficient and can explain itself clearly when it comes to customising. Plus, it has to be capable of preparing and directing the monthly four-day workshops in a structured and methodologically sound manner for all modules. Dialog managed both with commitment and only a short time to prepare and from where we stand today with the considerable professional and personal approval of our staff…“

Doris gr. Sextro-Riedel, cost control manager


“As we were aware of Dialog’s conceptual method and market experience, we made the unanimous decision and were able to save on making time-consuming comparisons with other consulting firms…”

Rolf Höffgen, European organisation director, Sonopress